Your Golden Ticket
Invite your connections to experience “FORE” Business and recieve their first month completely FREE.
your vip ticket WITH exclusive benefits
The Golden Ticket new member referral process
As a member of “FORE” Business we will allow you to invite a connection to experience “FORE” Business and receive their first month FREE! In return, we will place a £50 or €50 credit on your account to be used against your monthly membership fees after three months fees have been received.
The Master Franchise Financial Model
Entrance To
A Networking Event
(Inc Breakfast)
An Extra 4xball
(all green fees covered)
Access To Our
Members Exclusive App
Golden ticket marketing assets
We’ve developed tools to help you get in front of your ideal client, supplier or partner. You can simply download the various marketing photos, graphics and use them as posts on social media. The sooner you upload the “FORE” Business icon to your email footer, the sooner you will have the PERFECT conversation starter!
Request your golden tickets
We’re giving you 10 Golden Tickets to be used as a marketing tool and conversation starter for new business. The tickets will be shipped within four days of placing the order.
Golden ticket
Understand the Golden Ticket New Member referral process in more detail. If you still have any questions or need any additional support please email a member of our team on
Refer a new member
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